Fruit Sorter FRUTEX



This type of equipment was developed by DYKROM specifically to select, wash and dry, and classify fruits and vegetables.

The equipment offers the following main features and advantages:

> Processes the product without damaging it.
> Classifies oranges, tomatoes, apples, lemons, and similar products by size.
> Different products may be processed in the same machine by performing a simple mechanical
 adjustment on the selection cylinders.
> High throughput. 
> Low energy consumption.
> Small foot print.

If necessary, DYKROM optoelectronic equipment may be installed on the Frutex line of machines to add selection by color and increase their productivity.

If required, DYKROM can also design and build equipment for custom applications. Please contact us and we will be happy to evaluate your needs and requirements.

Production Capacity: about 7 tones per hour.